Organization Name
Date of Issue
1 Chief Minister’s skill excellence center 17-8-2019 Training students with latest industry needs
2 CHEZUBA Pvt, LTD 19-3-2019 Web designing, websites development, content writing, Digital Marketing, Social media, Crowd funding campaigning.
3 Esf Labs Ltd 27-7-2018 Training on Cyber security & Digital Forensics, technologies Internship programs, workshops, and certification programs.
4 Redhat Pvt, Ltd 16-2-2018 Red Hat Academy Standard programs, Add-on programs to students.
5 INDIAN SERVERS 10-8-2017 Training on Cyber security and internships to students.
6 JEDOX AG, GERHARD REIF Bissmarckallee 08-8-2017 Online Activation.
7 Brain ‘O’ Vision 05-6-2017 Training, internship, Workshops.
8 Griffon Technologies 01-4-2017 Internship programs, mobile development research and development, software testing./strong>
9 ISRO SPACE CENTER 15-9-2016 IRNSS Navigation, receiver Field Trail and Data collection.
10 Gemini consulting and services india PVT. Ltd 01-6-2016 Center of excellence in cloud computing and mobile App.
11 APSSDC & SIEMENS 18-4-2016 TSDI (technical skill development institutions)
12 Smart 08-2-2016 Skill development training & online Examination Condution.
13 Indian telecom Innovation Hub 29-1-2015 Startup village, training and skill development, seminars & workshops.
14 Efftronics 28-12-2013 Projects, internships.
15 Geny 22-6-2013 Skill development activity.
16 Try logic Soft Solutions 15-11-2013 Academic major projects.