About White-Hat Club:-

A white hat hacker is a computer security specialist who breaks into protected systems and networks to test and asses their security. White hat hackers use their skills to improve security by exposing vulnerabilities before malicious hackers(known as black hat hackers)can detect and exploit them.Although the methods used are similar, if not identical , to those employed by malicious hackers , white hat hackers have permission to employ them against the organization that has hired them.

          White hat hackers are usually seen as hackers who use their skills to benefit society. They may be reformed black hat hackers or they may simply be well-versed in the methods and techniques used by hackers. An organization can hire these consultants to do tests and implement best practices that make them less vulnerable to malicious hacking attempts in the future.

    Faculty Coordinator:

       Mr. Nethi Lalithendra Phani

    Student Coordinator:

    1) K. Satish Kumar                   5) B. Lakshmi Prasanthi                      9) T. Prasanna Rao
    2) A. Devaraj                        6) M. Gopi Krishna                           10) Y. Manishankar
    3) K. Sai Likhit Kumar               7) M. Jagadeesh                              11) P. Simran
    4) B. Hemalatha                      8) N. Sriram Charan



Topic Name
1 Introduction to Kali Linux 27-7-2019
2 SE (Social Engineering)Tool Kit 03-8-2019
3 Ettercap(Man In The Middle Attack) 17-8-2019
4 SQL Injuction 24-8-2019
5 WhatsApp QRL Jacking 31-8-2019
6 Keylogger using Python 07-9-2019
7 ZENMap,NMap 14-9-2019
8 Keylogger in Android and IOS 21-9-2019
9 Android app for Hacking 28-9-2019
10 RECAP 5-10-2019
11 Vulnerability Analysis 30-11-2019
12 Website Hacking using Havij Pro 07-12-2019
13 Windows Hacking and Windows Password Bypassing 14-12-2019
14 Decoding Packets in Network using Wire-Shark 04-1-2020